• A majestic view of New York Mountain in the Sawatch Range from Knapp Ranch.

    A rustic setting dedicated to the history, conservation, and appreciation of the Rocky Mountain landscape.


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Our organic produce is nutritious, vibrant and fresh; a reflection of the pristine West Lake Creek environment in which it is grown.

At Knapp Ranch, our farm is packed with a variety of leafy greens, vegetables, flowers and herbs in protected raised beds and gardens. Hoop houses produce nutritiously dense and flavorful microgreens year-round. We partner with restaurants and chefs in the Vail Valley to provide fresh, gourmet-quality ingredients with a locally grown twist.

Our Produce

"Living Beneath the Colorado Peaks" brings to life one couple’s desire to build, live, and share with others their dream of living in the Rocky Mountains.

This coffee-table book brings to life the aspirations and vision that led the renowned original publishers of Architectural Digest and Bon Appetit magazines to fulfill a dream of settling in the Rocky Mountain west. More than 200 photos and illustrations are accompanied by intimate reflections from owners Betsy and Bud Knapp, as they navigated their new surroundings and learned from experts how best to manage their land for a sustainable future.

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The Knapp Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to implementing the vision of the future of Knapp Ranch.

Knapp Ranch is dedicated to a philosophy that advocates teaching and learning, and engaging people to broaden the parameters of their respective areas of interest in a safe, autonomous and beautiful natural environment that is protected in perpetuity.


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Knapp Ranch Book

Living Beneath the Colorado Peaks brings to life one couple's desire to build, live and share with others their dream of living in the Rocky Mountains.

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Living Beneath the Colorado Peaks is focused on the three fundamental pillars that make Knapp Ranch what it is:

  • Design and Architecture
  • Land Stewardship and Conservation
  • Sustainable Farming


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Visit our press room for the most up to date news about Knapp Ranch and our book Living Beneath The Colorado Peaks.

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