Our Orchard

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Producing fruit at 9,000’ of elevation is indeed challenging. Low humidity, combined with intense sunlight, rapid, extreme weather changes, and poor soil condition make for highly volatile growing conditions. At Knapp Ranch, we focus on cultivars that can withstand the elements and still produce fruit that is delicious, nutritious, and long-lasting. The orchard is located in the lower meadows of Knapp Ranch, an area of moderate temperature fluctuation and higher humidity. Currently, the orchard contains three apple cultivars - Haralson, Sweet 16, and Frostbite - and a handful of cherry, apricot, plum and pear trees. Knapp Ranch is working with researchers at Colorado State University to develop specialized fruit tree root stock that can successfully thrive in the high mountain valleys of the West, where late frosts, cold nights and dry air challenge even the hardiest of fruit growers.