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From the publishers of Architectural Digest and Bon Appetit magazines comes a book about discovery, observation, fulfillment, and their many lessons learned while building a home and settling in the Rocky Mountain West.

Living Beneath the Colorado Peaks tells the fascinating story of the Knapps’ dedication to the design, history, conservation, and appreciation of the Rocky Mountain landscape. Photographer Todd Winslow Pierce’s rich imagery and writer Sarah Chase-Shaw’s descriptive prose add dimension to the cultural and natural history of the region and its influence on the architecture, interior design, and landscape. Sprinkled throughout the book are indelible stories of the relationships forged between the Knapps and a cadre of craftspeople, designers, and builders, all of whom were dedicated to the integrity and the challenges of pursuing the historical building methods and artistry embedded in every detail. Ultimately, it’s the story of discovery, observation, fulfillment and self-sufficiency, and the many lessons learned throughout the process of building Knapp Ranch as it is today.

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"The Knapp Ranch demonstrates a uniquely Colorado dedication to innovative approaches to farming at altitude. Betsy and Bud's vision to live and farm sustainably high up in the Rockies is a testament to not only love of the land and its history, but to the future of high altitude research and agriculture." - John Hickenlooper – Governor of Colorado

"Betsy and Bud Knapp undertook the challenge of honoring this majestic property with sensitivity and integrity. From architecture, to the landscape design, to the land management and stream restoration, the effort they invested in maintaining the cultural history, natural beauty, and ecological health of their land is unparalleled. Living Beneath the Colorado Peaks takes the reader on a visual and intellectual journey that spans history, from the native peoples who first traversed the upper West Lake Creek valley, to the establishment of a vision for the future that maintains the property in all its majesty." - Beth Slifer, Founder and Creative Director of Slifer Designs and Rod Slifer, Founding Partner of Slifer, Smith & Frampton Real Estate

"The Knapp’s use of architecture, history, creativity and craftsmanship to forge a reciprocal relationship with nature and create an enduring sense of place that appeals to the human mind, heart and soul. Living Beneath The Colorado Peaks is a story of smart conservation in a beautiful venue." - Dan Godec, Eagle Valley Land Trust, Board Emeritus, Edwards, Colorado

"The Knapp’s penchant for quality and their desire to protect a pristine watershed valley are apparent in everything they have achieved at Knapp Ranch. There’s a charming old-world style evident throughout the property that is so expressive of people who have devoted their lives to elevating craftsmanship and design. - Jeffrey Gorsuch, President, Gorsuch Ltd, Vail, Colorado

"The Farm at Knapp Ranch has committed to putting into practice what we all intuitively feel is the future of growing food in our valley. Their experimentation and cultivation of fresh mountain produce for locals and visitors to the Vail Valley is nothing short of a local treasure. If they can do this at 9,000 feet, it can be accomplished anywhere." - Thomas Salamunovich; Founder & CEO, Savory Group; Owner & Culinary Director, Larkspur Restaurant, Vail, Colorado

"The Farm at Knapp Ranch is living proof you can grow healthy and delicious food almost anywhere; it is a wonderful example of innovation and experimentation and a true gift to the community." - Sarah Bird, CEO, Bhakti Chai, Boulder, CO