Land Stewardship

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When we think about the future, we truly do “think globally and act locally.” It is our hope that ideas generated at Knapp Ranch will stimulate awareness and inspire action related to environmental stewardship, land management, and other timely issues.

At Knapp Ranch, we combine old-world methods with twenty-first century technology and ideas. We are a hub of learning, creativity, and experimentation, driven by a philosophy of respect and stewardship, and a desire to manage the land for a future that includes the uncertainties of climate change.

One hundred years ago, homesteads were sustainable because they had to be; and they were carbon neutral. Today, we are returning to our roots and employing the latest scientific advancements to make greater sustainability possible. We’re still homesteaders, but we now have modern technology which allows us—encourages us—to apply science and art to our endeavors.

At Knapp Ranch, we are forging elegant solutions using the combined wisdom of nature and scientific advancements to steward and protect those resources that are vital to our survival.