Knapp's Nectar

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We believe in the power of the bee. To make life a little sweeter. Softer. Soothing. Just as the sweetness of our orchards can be tasted in our honey, there’s a sense of vitality and serenity that flows through every inch of this place we call home, and is reflected in the quality of our products and processes. We provide a sustainable environment for the care of our bees in hopes that they can one day do the same for you.

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Knapp's Nectar

Introducing Knapp’s Nectar. Knapp's Nectar is a fitting product from a place as vibrant and beautiful as Knapp Ranch. Extra-fine grade wildflower honey is derived from a unique blend of native Colorado wildflowers, fruit tree blossoms, and annual and perennial flowers. We sell honey from our own hives as well as products sourced from the United States and other small producers whose hives range from the high mountain environments to the rich and fertile Colorado River Valley located to our west. Our quality control measures trace the source of our honey products, ensuring that our product is sustainable, and that the pollen, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals remain intact from harvest to bottling.

Knapp’s Nectar is an exclusive line of lip balms, body creams, and other therapeutic products made from our bees, and available for purchase at Knapp Harvest and the Hoop House.

Slovenian Bees and Bee Houses

At Knapp Ranch, our hives are from Slovenia and live in wooden structures, patterned from Slovenian bee houses. Designed to withstand the quickly changing climatic conditions of our high mountain environment, these delightfully crafted houses can accommodate two hives.

Knapp Ranch custom designs and produces Slovenian Bee Houses for purchase for those interested in a hive on their property. Please contact Carmen Weiland –

Honey Sourcing

Knapp Ranch sources honey from around the United States with special emphasis on supporting our Colorado based bee farms. Honey sourced from Colorado companies includes:
Colorado Hemp Honey
Apis Hive & Honey Company
Colorado Mountain Honey
Frangiosa Farms Colorado

A myriad of flavors are available and can be purchased at Knapp Harvest and The Hoop House


At Knapp Ranch, we believe in Saving the Bees. When you see this symbol on our honey products it means that a portion of the proceeds are going to SAVE the BEE, a partnership of researchers, beekeepers, businesses, and consumers committed to protecting honey bee health.