Style D

We grow varieties of microgreens year-round in hoop houses. Microgreens, a specialty genre of greens, are vegetable greens that are prized for their nutritional value and distinct flavor, and usually have a pair of small, partially developed true leaves. Microgreens are used as both a flavor and visual enhancement to plates, soups, salads and sandwiches.

We partner with local restaurants and chefs and bring their menus to life with fresh, gourmet-quality ingredients. Microgreen varieties change with the seasons. A complete list of our current available produce, including honey, is available below.

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Green leaf with a light green stem and a bitter-sweet, light spice flavor

Basil - Genovese Sweet

Bright green leaves with a strong traditional basil flavor

Basil - Lemon

Coming soon.

Basil - Opal

Dark purple with long stems and a light basil flavor


Long light green leaf, bright red stem, some seeds with an earthy flavor

Cabbage - Golden Acre Green

Green leaf, light green stem with a tangy, earthy flavor

Cabbage - Red

Dark green/purple leaf with light purple stems and a tangy, earthy flavor


Small, bright magenta with sweet and grassy taste

Chervil (French Parsley)

Long, feathery and dark green with a taste of licorice and parsley


Long, thin green with black seed attached and a pungent chive/onion flavor


Long, thin green leaf,some lobed 3rd leaf, and some seeds with strong cilantro and lemony taste

Curly Cress

Tall, toothed leaves with a spicy cinnamon flavor


Long, thin feathery green with a delicate dill flavor


Long, thin, feathery green with a sweet licorice flavor

Kale - Red Russian

Green leaf, light purple stem with a delicate cruciferous flavor

Mizuna - Green

Light green leaf, white stem with a spicy mustard flavor

Mizuna - Red Frills

Purple leaf with light green stem and a spicy mustard flavor

Mizuna - Osaka

Green leaf, light green stem with a spicy mustard flavor

Nasturtium Leaves

Long, thin stems with delicate lily pad-like leaves with a pungent but sweet cinnamon flavor

Pea Shoots - Dunn

Tall, leafy and bright green with a delicate crunchy pea flavor

Pea Shoots - Feisty

Leafy green with frilly tendrils with a mild, crunchy pea flavor

Radish - Green

Light green thick, long stems and leaves with a crunchy, spicy radish flavor

Radish - Purple Sango

Thick, long stems, dark purple with some green leaves and a crunchy, mild radish flavor


Colorful bright green and maroon scallop-edged leaves with slight anise flavor

Sorrel - Lemon/Green

Light green with delicate, short broad leaves with delicate, lemon flavor

Sorrel - Red Vein

Dark green and red veined broad colorful leaves with a milder flavor than green sorrel


Tall, thick succulent stems and leaves with a crunchy, nutty flavor

Candy Mix

A delightful mix of greens with sweetness and delicate textures. Fennel, Lemon Sorrel, Shiso Britton, Red Amaranth...

Green Mix

Seasonal mix; could include arugula, beet, green cabbage, kale

Holiday Mix

Cilantro, green sorrel, Detroit Red beet, nasturtium, Red Rock Mammoth cabbage

Mountain Mix

Arugula, broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, red cabbage

Red Mix

Red cabbage, Purple Sango radish, amaranth