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The farm is committed to sustainable organic farming practices at 9,000’. All agricultural activities are monitored and adjusted on a regular basis to accommodate the variety of opportunities and constraints afforded by existing water resources, soil composition, microclimate impacts, and the unknown effects of a changing climate.

Mimicking natural communities is a key component of the innovation and research occurring at Knapp Ranch. Currently, it is one of four institutions around the country participating in SEED - Science for Edible Ecosystem Design - an experimental program focused on the study of the biological communities required to support productive agriculture. As such, areas on the farm, including the orchard and the vegetable gardens, is experimenting with the incorporation of naturally-occurring nutrient elevators (such as the deep-rooted comfrey), nitrogen-fixing plants (such as Siberian pea), and aromatic pest confusers (such as non-invasive herbs and scented perennials). Flowers, such as yarrow and coreopsis, are integrated throughout the orchard to attract and maintain beneficial insects.