Style D

We grow varieties of lettuces during the summer season. Greens are leaf vegetables, the edible leaves and stems of plants. Used in salads and as garnishes, greens can also be sautéed, stewed or steamed. 

We partner with local restaurants and chefs and bring their menus to life with fresh, gourmet-quality ingredients. Produce availability varies throughout the year. A complete list of our current available produce, including honey, is available below.

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Bistro Mix Greens

A mix of red and green romaines, leaf lettuces and Flashy Trout Back lettuce


Long light green leaf, bright red or rainbow-colored stem with a beet-like flavor

Flashy Trout Back Lettuce

Flat light green romaine-style leaves with purple speckles

Knapp Ranch Premium Blend

A hearty and bold braising blend with red and green tatsois, cabbages and mizunas


Purple leaves with green stems and a spicy mustard flavor